About the conference

This year the Inspectie Volksgezondheid Aruba (IVA) is celebrating its 5-year anniversary and would like to celebrate this milestone and momentous occasion with the health care professionals. Our 5-year celebration will be in the form of a conference free of charge. During this conference, we will be reflecting on the best practices and lessons learned within the Aruban health care sector from the last five years. There will be presentations given by numerous keynote speakers and different health care professional groups on a number of topics, such as Leadership, Organizing Quality of Health Care, The Learning Organization, Communication in Health Care, and Collaboration in Health Care.

Our goal with this conference is to create a neutral and inclusive platform where health care professionals in Aruba can share and will continue to share ideas, challenges and solutions with one another. In this manner, they will be able to inspire each other and be inspired themselves.

We would like to cordially invite all health care professionals in Aruba to attend this free conference. Register here now. Limited seating is available!

Event Details

Date: 25th of November 2022, from 8am - 4pm & 26th of November 2022, from 8am - 1pm
Location: Boulevard Events Aruba, Schotlandstraat 45
Entrance Fee: Free
Accreditation: ABAN General Training Cluster 1, 2, 3: 9 points (only awared for full conference)
Conference Language: English

Register here on the NASKHO website

About the 5 Conference Themes

During the conference we will discuss five core themes that been identified by the IVA as playing a crucial role regarding complaints and potential calamities. Each theme will firstly be introduced by a presentation by a keynote speaker who has extensive experience in that area. Afterwards, each theme will be followed by presentations from eight professional group associations.

1. Leadership

This involves both general leadership and clinical leadership. Leadership is about developing a vision, daring to innovate, setting an example and inspiring enthusiasm. It is about involved managers and care providers who take the lead for the continuous improvement of patient care.

2. The Organization of Quality of Care

On the one hand this includes good organization of health care with all stakeholders, which leads to quality. On the other hand, it includes the organization of quality within the care chain. In the vision of many healthcare providers, safe and reliable care of high quality is essential, and rightly so. However, how can this be organized?

3. The Learning Organization

A learning organization is consciously focused on increasing the learning capacity of their employees by sharing experiences with others inside and outside the company. The learning organization is able to respond quickly to change by encouraging training, development and initiative. Among other things, a learning organization has a strong shared vision.

4. Communication

This refers to communication between the various healthcare providers, and within the healthcare chain, as well as communication with the patient.  Good communication in healthcare is essential, but far from obvious. It is a fundamental requirement for good cooperation, where daring to speak up in time also plays an important role in preventing unnecessary harm in health care.

5. Cooperation

This refers to cooperation between healthcare providers in different sectors of healthcare. This cooperation goes beyond the boundaries of individual health care providers, institutions, sectors and health care disciplines.