Inspeccion di Salud Aruba (IVA) ta monitoria e cuido di salud na Aruba na un manera independiente. IVA tin e tarea importante di supervisa, enforsa leynan di cuido y advisa e veld di cuido pa salvaguardia e calidad di cuido duna na Aruba.

Quality of Health Care Conference IVA 2022

During this conference, we will be reflecting on the best practices and lessons learned within the Aruban health care sector from the last five years. There will be presentations given by numerous keynote speakers and different health care professional groups on a number of topics, such as Leadership, Organizing Quality of Health Care, The Learning Organization, Communication in Health Care, and Collaboration in Health Care. Read more

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Botica na Warda


Orario di apertura:
dialuna pa diabierna
08:00-12:00 y 13:00-16:30

T: (+297)5262160
F: (+297)5882412
E: info@iva.aw


Schotlandstraat 45